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Title: Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books : a Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

Author: Don Roberts, Matt T. Roberts, Margaret R. Brown

Publisher: Library of Congress : For Sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

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Format: Book

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Language: en

Term in EnglishLanguage code"Language code" is a predefined property that represents a BCP47 formatted language code and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.Translated termSource
Adhesive structure bindingsenadhesive binding1
All-over styleenall-over style1
Backing hammerenCollet hammer1
Backing hammerenBumping hammer1
Bag bindingenbag binding1
Band nippersenband nippers1
Bandstickenrubbing-up stick1
Barm skinenbarm skin1
Bind from sheetsenbind from sheets1
Binder's boardenBinder's board1
Binder's ticket
Blankbook bindingenblankbook binding1
Blocking foilenblocking foil1
Blocking pressenblocking press1
Book cloth
Book clothenBook cloth1
Case inencase in1
Center and corner piece styleenCenter and corner piece style1
Divinity calfendivinity calf1
Divinity calfenOxford style1
Edge decoration
Fanfare styleenfanfare style1
Fine bindingenfine binding1
German paring knifeenGerman paring knife1
Gift binding
Gift bindingenGift binding1
Gilding pressengilding press1
Gilding pressengilder's press1
Grain directionenmachine direction1
Guard book
Half bindingenhalf binding1
Hand lettersenhand letters1
Hand toolsenUnit tools1
In the square
In the squareenin the square1
Inlays (decorative components)eninlay1
Knocking upenKnocking up1
Loose-leaf bindingenloose-leaf binding1
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Roberts, Don., et al. Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books : a Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. Library of Congress : For Sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1982.

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Account-book paper, Acid dyes, Acid transfer, Acid-free paper, Acme seal, Advance sheets, Agate burnisher, Agatine, Agenda format, Airmail paper, Ajoure bindings, Alchemic gold, American marble, Aniline leather, Aniline stained, Animal glue, Animal size, Animals-in-foliage panel, Back cornering, Back cover, Back edge, Back mark, Back to fore edge, Back-molding iron, Backbone, Backed-filled finish, Backing, Backing boards, Backing iron, Backing press, Backstrip, Band, Band board, Band pallet, Banding, Bands frayed, Bar roll, Bark tanned, Base fabric, Basis weight, Baumé (hydrometer), Belgian hare, Belly, Belly grain, Bench knife, Bench vise, Between bands, Bevel, Bhabar, Bibelot... further results