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  • Part of speech: noun
  • Definition: A small press made of hardwood consisting of two parallel cheeks connected by a screw at each end. It is used for holding a book while being lettered or tooled on the spine.1

Related terms[edit]

No value


Language Translated term Source of translation (if exist) Sense of translation / notes
Deutsch/German Klotzpresse2 Kuhn, ICA
español/Spanish prensa de acabado3 ICA
français/French presse à dorer4 Kuhn
français/French presse à billot4 Kuhn
français/French presse de finissure3 ICA
italiano/Italian torchio per legatura3 ICA
italiano/Italian torchietto4 Kuhn
italiano/Italian battidorso3 ICA
svenska/Swedish Förgyllningspress
svenska/Swedish Klosspress


Lying press, finishing, tooling


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