Half cloth binding

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  • Definition: This refers specifically to a binding with the spine and corners covered in cloth.

Related terms[edit]


Half binding


Related terms[edit]

 Language code"Language code" is a predefined property that represents a BCP47 formatted language code and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.Translated termCitationCitation textThis property is a special property in this wiki.StatusScopeNote
Half cloth bindingdahalvlaerredsbind1Nord... further resultspreferred
Half cloth bindingdeHalbleinenband2Kuhn... further results
Half cloth bindingfipuolikloottisidos1Nord... further results
Half cloth bindingfipuolikangassidos1Nord... further resultspreferred
Half cloth bindingfrdemi-reliure en toile2Kuhn... further results
Half cloth bindingitlegatura in mezza tela2Kuhn... further results
Half cloth bindingnbhalvlinbind1Nord... further results
Half cloth bindingnbbind med rygg og hjørner av sjirting1Nord... further resultspreferred
Half cloth bindingnlhalf-linnen3Kneep... further results
Half cloth bindingsvHalvklotband1Nord... further results
Half cloth bindingsvhalvlinneband1Nord... further resultspreferred



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