Hollow back

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  • Definition: A feature of the spine in which the covering material is not adhered to the spine-folds of the bookblock or to the spine linings, but is able to arch away from the spine-folds as the book is opened.1

Related terms[edit]

No value


Language Translated term Source of translation (if exist) Sense of translation / notes
Deutsch/German Hohlrücken2 ICA preferred
español/Spanish lomo hueco2 ICA preferred
français/French faux dos3 Kuhn preferred
français/French dos brisé2 ICA preferred
français/French dos creux
italiano/Italian dorso staccato3 Kuhn preferred
italiano/Italian dorso libero2 ICA preferred
norsk bokmål/Norwegian Bokmål hul rygg1 Ligatus preferred
svenska/Swedish Lösrygg



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