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Title: ICA Handbooks Series : Glossary of Basic Archival and Library Conservation Terms : English with Equivalents in Spanish, German, Italian, French and Russian

Author: Carmen Crespo Nogueira

Publisher: K. G. Saur

Publication place:

Format: Book

OCLC number:


Date published:


Term in EnglishLanguage code"Language code" is a predefined property that represents a BCP47 formatted language code and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.Translated termSource
Acid-free paperitCarta priva di acidità1
Acid-free paperdePapier,säurefreies1
Acid-free paperfrpapier non acide1
All along (sewing)escosido a la española1
All along (sewing)deDurchausheften1
All along (sewing)itcucitura fine1
All along (sewing)itcucitura a pieni punti1
All along (sewing)frcouture à la main1
All along (sewing)escosido continuo1
Back corneringesgracia1
Back corneringdeAbschrägen der Deckelecken von Franzbänden am Falz1
Back coveritpiatto posteriore1
Backing boardsestablas para sacar cajos1
Backing boardsdeAbpressbrett1
Backing boardsitasse tavoletta1
Backing hammerdeHammer zum Runden des Buchblockrückens1
Backing hammeritmartello da legatore1
Backing hammerfrmarteau à endosser1
Backing hammeresmartillo de sacar cajos1
Backing pressesprensa para sacar cajos1
Backing pressdePresse zum Abpressen1
Backing pressfrétau à endosser1
Backing pressitindorsatrice1
Band nippersfrpince à nerfs1
Band nippersesantenallas1
Band nippersdeBundzange1
Band nippersitpinza per nervature1
Band nippersespinzas de nervios1
Beaterespila holandesa1
Beaterfrpile hollandaise1
Beveled boardsdeBuchdecken mit abgeschrägtem Falz1
Beveled boardsitcartone arrotondato1
Beveled boardsestapas biseladas1
Beveled boardsitcartone smussato1
Blocking foileslámina para estampar1
Blocking foildePrägepresse1
Blocking foilitlamina adesiva1
Blocking foilfrfilm plastique servant à l'estampage1
Blocking pressesestampadora1
Blocking pressdePrägepresse1
Blocking pressfrpresse à balancier1
Blocking pressitpressa a dorare1
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