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A list of all pages that have property "ScopeNote" with value "Bindings decorated with Gothic architectural motifs". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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     (Bindings decorated with Gothic architectural motifs)
    • Gift binding  + (Books printed and bound for the gift market as distinct for the library or the general reading market. The bindings on gift books would either be richly decorated or covered in exotic material such as silk, or both.)
    • Gift-book bindings  + (Books printed and bound for the gift market as distinct for the library or the general reading market. The bindings on gift books would either be richly decorated or covered in exotic material such as silk, or both.)
    • Tabbed comb spine linings  + (Comb spine linings in which small tabs of Comb spine linings in which small tabs of parchment are left at the inner end of each of the slots cut across the lining for the sewing supports and which are folded around the outermost gatherings on both sides of the bookblock to act as external sewing guards. The tabs were intended to reinforce the sewing of the outermost gathering on each side, and can be seen between the two outermost gatherings, usually with one tab to each sewing station, but occasionally with one tab covering two adjacent sewing stations. This type of lining would appear to be south German, and is found on bindings made in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.e fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.)
    • Opened endleaves  + (Endleaves which originally had bolts on head, tail and fore-edges which have now been opened without cutting the edges of the bookblock.)
    • Fastenings  + (Fastenings are used to hold a book shut whFastenings are used to hold a book shut when it is not in use. They can take a variety of forms and be made from many different materials, but their essential function is secure one board or cover to the other across the foredge of the bookblock and often the head and tail edges as well. Fastenings were in use from the earliest times, but after the introduction of printing and, more particularly, the near universal use of paper-leaved textblocks, their use gradually became more and more decorative and status-related (ie. for liturgical or ceremonial use), unless they are found on books which were intended to be carried about, in which case they retain a primarily functional purpose. Fastenings may also be found on enclosures.astenings may also be found on enclosures.)
    • Inlaying  + (In bookbinding, the process of inserting shaped pieces of tawed or tanned skin into identically-shaped cut-out areas in a cover in a technique similar to marquetry.)
    • Quarter cloth  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Scrinium  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Paste tins  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Quarto  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Print finishing processes  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Mounted on guards  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Opening up  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Made boards  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Metal back binders  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Pebbled-grain  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Pleated corner  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Pictorial calf bindings  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Quagga  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Punch and tie  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Putrefactive damage  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Protection tissue  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Pull-off box  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Punching machine  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Recessed-cord sewing  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Reducing the grain  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Rasped  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Reflectance  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Parchment size  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Rough gilt  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Reinforced binding  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Rotary gatherer  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Pulping  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Ricing  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Scaleboard  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Rough tanned  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Salt sprout  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Ramie  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Run pelts  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Rice marble  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Manifold paper  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Round cornering machine  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Register paper  + (Please add a definition!)
    • Quatrefoil  + (Please add a definition!)